eHealth Cluster and Liverpool City Council Council iNnovation Network Event

The success of projects like Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care, is dependent on care providers adopting new health technologies in their day-to-day work. The telehealth devices, supported by the 5G mesh network, have the potential to save care providers valuable time and resources.

That’s why Liverpool’s eHealth Cluster has begun running a number of events in the city aimed at introducing care providers to the new technologies we’ve developed for Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care.

This week’s Care Providers Event was hosted by Liverpool City Council’s iNnovation Network, at  the Cunard Building. It was an opportunity for carers to learn more about the health and social care equipment being trialled by volunteers on our 5G network in Kensington, and to talk to some of the Liverpool-based SMEs who’ve developed IoT devices and apps like ‘Push to Talk’, Warnhydrate and Paman. Each of the organisations involved in the project had a stand at the event where they could demonstrate the technologies they’ve developed.  

Rosemary Kay, Project Lead, and Ann Williams, Liverpool City Council Digital Lead, talked about how 5G technology can be used to support telehealth devices that help people live more independently. They also discussed how the free community intranet the Liverpool 5G project provides for project volunteers gives people in Kensington the chance to try life-changing health technologies with no cost to themselves.

More than 100 people attended including commissioners, social workers, care workers, managers, housing associations, health and social care organisations (including RSLs) and tech organisations. It’s hoped they’ll gain a clearer understanding of the benefits of using the technology and how to integrate the devices into their daily routines.

The technology companies demonstrating their tech were: CGA Simulation (Reducing Loneliness App), Defproc (Push to Talk), Digicredis (Rehydration Centre), Protel Health (Pharmacy Assistant PAMAN), RLBUHT (Docobo Device), Safehouse Technology (Safehouse sensor), University of Liverpool (Cromatic Sensor.)