DefProc Engineering

DefProc supports businesses to develop products and services from ideas through to fully functioning prototypes. Their ‘Push to Talk’ device reduces loneliness and social isolation by connecting isolated people in the community for a chat, via the push of a button.

Push to Talk users press a button, indicating they want a chat, and are connected via their phone to another user who has also pushed their button. Users are grouped into ‘communities’ of people in similar situations. The groups include people with a learning difficulty, unpaid carers and people who feel isolated. The low powered Push to Talk device is easy to install at home and doesn’t require the user to have WiFi or broadband internet connection.

DefProc Engineering provided a public access LoRaWAN Network using the Things Network with 5G backhaul. The Push to Talk device connects using LoRaWAN gateway technology with the Liverpool 5G as the backhaul connection, and works with both landline and mobile handsets.

A partner in the Liverpool 5G Consortium, Defproc Engineering has now placed over 40 Push to Talk devices with people in Liverpool.  This has resulted in:

  • Reduced loneliness for service users
  • Reduced Healthcare costs

 Key features: Push to Talk’s ‘talk time’ feature is flexible; the device takes dexterity impairments into account and is designed as a social network; it plugs into standard power supply and works with landlines and mobiles; it has a maximum 30 second delay from push to talk to actual connection.

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.