Safe House

Safehouse Technology Ltd provides sensor technology that improves care for people living independently at home with support. The service also reduces the cost of providing good quality care and well maintained homes.

The Safehouse system provides sensors that monitor the home environment and alarm buttons that help people live independently for longer – additional sensors can be added to the system. Safehouse provides infrastructure, sensors, cloud services and software for monitoring and analysis. A Safehouse app allows carers, relatives and friends to see the conditions people are living in and the care they are receiving.
Safehouse Sensors connect to the Liverpool 5G mesh network via a low cost LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) using the Liverpool 5G as backhaul. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT) device.
Safehouse Technology Ltd. is a Liverpool 5G Consortium subcontractor.

Over 80 people in home care are using their sensors as part of this project. This has resulted in:
• Reduced telecare costs
• Reduced healthcare costs
• Improved quality of life for service users

Key features: earlier detection of fuel poverty; monitoring and prevention of damp and mould, which eases long-term conditions like asthma and eczema; increased independent living; improved safety in the home; improved sense of security at home.

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.