eHealth Cluster

Liverpool City Region’s eHealth Cluster Ltd is the only SME-led eHealth Cluster in the UK. They deliver a new model for providing practical support to both technology and care organisations through collaborative cluster working.

The eHealth Cluster Ltd. is a Liverpool 5G Consortium subcontractor, who provide support to the use cases via facilitated adoption and integration of use cases within health and social care services. They also enable SMEs who are not currently partners to engage in the project and facilitate collaboration across partners, project evaluation and project management.

They trialled their Adoption Readiness Level® assessment model with project partner SMEs, who had products being trialled on the network, and with new SMEs who had products they’d like to trial on the network. Through the project, the eHealth Cluster developed a free self-assessment online Adoption Readiness Level® tool, which organisations can use to help them better understand the barriers they may face in getting products adopted by care providers.

From April 2019 the eHealth Cluster also delivered project management services to the Liverpool 5G project. They provided a project director, administration and reporting services, and benefits realisation management.

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.