The Medication Support Company

The Medication Support Company is a digital health and care provider working with community organisations to digitise medication management in care. They provide the Paman remote monitoring system, which cuts the cost of delivering medication adherence and can check the wellbeing of the service user.

The Paman system uses the Medihub device in the patient’s home to help them take medicines, using internet-enabled audio/video. Pharmacists at a monitoring centre watch patients as they take their medications – offering assistance where needed. An interactive medication administration record (MAR) chart is used to record all medications taken by the patient, which ensures all dispensed medication is taken correctly. The Medihub device has a simple button that operates a two-way audio communication system between the user and Paman team. A video link allows the team to see medicines are being taken safely.

The Medihub is connected to the Paman monitoring centre at the Medication Support head office, via the Liverpool 5G mesh network. Whilst Paman doesn’t need 5G to work (it also works with standard broadband or 4G) the 5G connection results in faster internet speeds and reduced lag times.

The Medication Support Company (previously Protel Health) is a Liverpool 5G Consortium subcontractor. Over 30 people who previously received daily visits from home carers to help them take medicines, now use a Medihub device.

This resulted in:

  • Greatly improved medication adherence levels
  • Significant reduction in medication wastage and medication costs
  • Reduced social care costs
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Improved quality of life for service users

Key features: pharmacy technicians/supervising pharmacists monitor and provide professional oversight; e-MAR charts reduce errors and waste; improved medication adherence; more collaborative working with GPs and local pharmacists; improved service user health and wellbeing; increased independent living; improved safety in the home.

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.