CGA Simulation

CGA Simulation is an indie games development and virtual simulation studio. They combine knowledge of developing computer games, with expertise in emerging technologies like machine learning, virtual/mixed reality, digital simulations and robotics.

As Liverpool 5G Consortium partners, CGA Simulation have developed a comprehensive network planning tool and a social gaming app that combats loneliness and social isolation.

CGA Simulation designed a 5G network planning tool using ‘digital twin’ technology. The team created an online copy of Kensington, Liverpool, for the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project. The tool enables those planning a 5G network to work offline first to accurately plot line-of-sight for 5G receivers, assessing the environment and working around obstacles like trees or high buildings. This reduces the manual workload and resources required to plan a 5G network, significantly reducing costs and time required.  

CGA also created the Loneliness Quizzing and Gaming App, a social gaming app that brings people together to take part in online quizzing, games and chat to combat social isolation. A video communication feature allows users to meet and take part in the game from different locations – from a care home lounge or their own room.  The quizzes and games were co-created with users and their feedback helped to shape the app. CGA made the app more accessible to people of different ages and abilities – changing the colours, font and questions. The system was also developed to support a variety of network configurations and performance.  The app is a perfect test case for 5G technology as it needs the high bandwidth offered by 5G to drive the device-to-device video capability. To run effectively, the application requires around 80 Megabit bandwidth and low latency.

The Loneliness Quizzing and Gaming App has been used by over 45 people in a variety of community settings:

  • Reducing loneliness in users
  • Improving the quality of life for users
  • Reducing digital exclusion with users saying they’re more confident using technology

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.