University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool was founded in 1881 “For advancement of learning and ennoblement of life” and is recognised for high-quality teaching, research and international collaborations.

For the Liverpool 5G Create: Connecting Health and Social Care project the University of Liverpool is the Project Lead, providing financial and project management management. They will also be developing  an intelligent monitoring unit for detection of E. coli in urine.

For the  Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed project the university’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics developed a chromatic sensor to provide alerts to carers if there is an unusual event (e.g. a fall, seizure, intrusion etc.)  The university also developed an environmentally friendly wireless communication trial to show the reduced use of power in 5G over 4G systems and innovative high-performance channel equalisation techniques to combat signal distortion during propagation due to multipath effects. 

You can find more detailed reports about the Liverpool 5G Heath and Social Care Testbed, the partners and the results here.