Demonstrating new health care products on the Liverpool 5G network!

The Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project and eHealth Cluster invited companies from across Europe to demonstrate their products on the project’s 5G network.

The first two days of our product demonstration events took place on the 5th and 6th March, at the Life Sciences Accelerator in Liverpool.

eHealth Cluster associate, Bryan Griffiths, project managed the event, inviting people from the NHS and local authorities to see local, national and European products.

There will be further opportunities to test new health and social care products on Liverpool’s 5G health and social care network so if you have a product you think would be appropriate, please get in touch.

Your product would have to pass the Adoption Readiness Level criteria before you’d be invited to test your product with us, so your first step should be to have a look at the Adoption Readiness Level Tool, which you can find on the eHealth Cluster website.