UK5G Spotlights 5G for Health & Social Care

The latest vertical campaign from UK5G shines the spotlight on 5G for Health & Social Care, in a bid to help the health and social care sector find the right resources and connections to map a clear path to 5G. UK5G say granting access to the digital tools, skills and resources that will empower health and social care professionals to change how and where they deliver care, will ensure the UK population can benefit from more efficient, personalised care.

As the forefront testbed & trials project in the health and social care sector, Liverpool 5G is playing a prominent role in this campaign. Ann Williams, the project’s Health & Social Care Authority, and Commissioning and Contract Manager at Liverpool City Council, wrote an insight piece on the benefits of 5G networks, in which she advised “implementing cellular carriers and our own 5G network has, genuinely, been a gamechanger”.

Ann also took part in the 5G World panel session “5G is the root to delivering transformed health and social care services”, along with Project Director Rosemary Kay, where they discussed the importance of firstly looking at the challenges the sector is facing, and then considering how 5G might be able to tackle these, rather than trying to utilise the latest in technology without understanding the real-world impacts on patients, service users, health care professional and care providers. Rosemary also took part in the UK5G & KTN webinar “5G in Health and Social Care: What Makes 5G Different?” where the attendees discussed why 5G is much more than just the next generation of mobile tech. 

You can explore the multiple resources UK5G are providing for 5G within the Health & Social Care sector here.