January 2020: Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed Final Report

January 2020: Liverpool 5G Testbed Final presentation 

November 2019: Liverpool 5G Testbed Benefits, Outcomes, Impact

July 19: How Can 5G Support the Transformation of Health and Social Care Services? Tech UK and Liverpool 5G 

July 2019: “Push to Talk” Prototype Rebuild and LoRaWAN Connection Defproc Engineering 

March 2019: Evaluation Report of the Developed Demo System by Yuan Zhuang and Dr. Xu (Judy) Zhu 

May 2018: Liverpool 5G project overview (presentation) 


BluWireless overview of the Liverpool 5G network

Sensor City Liverpool 5G Showcase March 2019

Paman – Joan talks about her experience 

CGA Simulation planning tool for Liverpool 5G

Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed – partners’ perspective

CGA Simulation 5G Planning Tool short tutorial