Liverpool GP Surgery Connected to Liverpool 5G Network

The first GP surgery, Fairfield Medical Centre on Sheil Road, has been successfully connected to the Liverpool 5G network, and the service is now live.

The connection is part of the 5G WAN Pilot for NHS Sites use case, which is being run in conjunction with NHS Informatics. The use case aims to demonstrate how providing a secure, stable WAN network with low latency for both public access and clinical use, via a private 5G network, can offer NHS sites superior, reliable and stable coverage, at a lower cost than current commercial connectivity offerings. Any reduction in these costs saves NHS funds, and directly affects the amount of funding available to clinical services for patients. 

The 5G network’s bandwidth of 300MB offers a considerable advantage, particularly due to the ongoing increase in digital clinical services such as EPR systems, IP Telephony, Video Consultations, and remote Multi-Discipline Team collaboration. Work is ongoing to connect two further GP surgeries in Liverpool by March 2022.