The Eden Project comes to Liverpool

As part of ongoing collaboration between DCMS-funded testbed and trials projects, Liverpool 5G worked with the Eden Project to bring the Eden Universe to Rowan Garth care home.

The team provided the care home with a projector, iPads and virtual reality headsets so that residents can remotely experience the Eden Project from the comfort of their residence.

Residents are able to use the virtual reality headsets and iPad to individually explore the Eden Project, with information provided on various elements of each Biome, or experience the Eden Project collectively via the large projector, which can live-stream the sights and sounds from various 360° cameras located around the site.

The Eden Project team set up a training session with Rowan Garth staff members, to enable them to facilitate access to the project as part of the home’s activities calendar.

The collaboration is beneficial for both Liverpool 5G, who are able to bring the Eden Project to care home residents who otherwise would be unable to experience it, and for the Eden Universe, who were able to trial their technology on the Liverpool 5G private, standalone 5G network in an urban environment.

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