5G Wales Unlocked in Health & Social Care

The 5G Wales Unlocked team are hosting a series of discussions looking at the potential of 5G in various sectors, and have asked L5G Director, Rosemary Kay, to take part in the 5G Wales Unlocked in Health & Social Care discussion.

5G Wales Unlocked aims to show how 5G and other new technologies can help rural businesses and communities thrive, and demonstrate how bringing 5G to rural Wales is necessary, profitable and vital.

In the latest discussion, Unlocking 5G in Health and Social Care, former First Minister, Carwyn Jones, will talk to both Rosemary Kay, and Peter Shearman, Head of Innovation at Cisco, about the potential benefits and practicalities of 5G in the health and social care sector.

The discussion will go live on Business News Wales on Tuesday, 15th February.