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We’ve been doing a number of engagement activities recently, to make sure the information people are receiving about 5G technology is relevant and easy to understand.

An information afternoon took place at The Croissant of Inequality , a community café in Kensington, which was attended by the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care team and open to anybody living or working in the local community. The event was promoted via local community forums, social media and word-of-mouth via meetings.

The team brought information about the different health and social care products to the event with a chance to try out each product and talk about its benefits to volunteers taking part in the project in Kensington. There was also a chance to talk about the care taken to ensure that all of the products and technology used in the Liverpool 5G project is safe and adheres to very high standards set and agreed by internally teams of experts and scientists.

The Liverpool 5G project has compiled a list of facts and myths about 5G and similar emerging technologies, which are going out on social media each day. This information also gives people links to international organisations that are researching and testing these new technologies to ensure up to date information is available about their safety and the robust testing that must take place before any of them are used.