Professor Joe Spencer talks about 5G technology and safety at Green Party event

Joe Spencer, one of our project leads at Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care, is also Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Liverpool and the university’s academic lead at Sensor City. Sensor City is an innovation hub that exists to promote collaboration between University of Liverpool and John Moores University.

This week he used his immense knowledge of physics, robotics, communications networks, sensors and internet-of-things technologies to create a bespoke presentation for Liverpool’s Green Party members.

The group asked him to come and speak at one of their monthly meetings; they wanted to gain a better understanding of why emerging technologies and Liverpool Health and Social Care’s 5G network are safe for the environment and local communities.

Professor Spencer took questions from the group after the meeting, with attendees asking him to explain how the new technologies benefit people with long-term health conditions and how/why a technology within the non-ionising slice of the electromagnetic spectrum remains safe for humans to use and be around. Find out more in our ‘About 5G’ section of this website