Rowan Garth Care Village connected to Liverpool 5G Network

Rowan Garth Care Village is now connected to the Liverpool 5G network.

Rowan Garth is a purpose-built residential nursing home, split across 5 individual buildings which each facilitate a different kind of specialist care, from dementia care and palliative care, to respite and convalescence care. The care home now has live 5G connectivity, as part of the Liverpool 5G Create: Connecting Health and Social Care project, which is providing the care home with free 5G connectivity to improve health and social care. 

The care village will be using the connectivity to improve services across the site, such as: Person Centred Software which logs residents’ needs, sets up care plans and monitors care; RADAR software which is used for healthcare quality and compliance; Wi-Fi for residents to stay in touch with family via video calls, messaging services and emails; and office admin including cloud-based services such as Sage and CareMaster. 5G provides a stronger, more reliable connection, and is estimated to be 3x faster than the previous network provider. In addition, the L5G team will be running use cases from the care home, including Vitalerter, which uses AI to reduce resident falls, and Haptic Shirt, which allows residents to receive remote hugs from family.

Feedback from Rowan Garth has been positive, with the care home commenting: “The 5G connection has been fast and reliable, which is what is needed to provide an exceptional care service. The demands on our systems are becoming more critical with the increased use of technology within healthcare, and this service is helping with that.”

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