Mobile UK Report on the Importance of Connectivity for Adult Social Care


Mobile UK’s Connected Care Report looks at how mobile connectivity can help councils overcome the challenges of delivering adult social care.

The report found that mobile connectivity offered huge potential to aid the delivery of health and social care, with just 40% of social care providers currently being fully digitised. It highlighted how new digital devices mean residents can live independently for longer, reduce hospital admissions for users, and save councils up to 80% of the cost of residential care. It also found digitisation would improve the recruitment and retention of staff, by enabling better working conditions and more opportunities for upskilling.

The report highlights the importance of good quality connectivity, and looks to full-fibre deployment to facilitate mobile and 5G rollouts for councils to ensure the highest quality connectivity is available.

Mobile UK looked to the Liverpool 5G project as a use case, noting the success of the project’s remote medication trial using video link, which led to a 50% reduction in the wrong medication being taken, and a 60% reduction in hospital admissions.  

The report recommended councils include mobile infrastructure at the heart of Local Development Plans, and advised appointing a Digital Champion can benefit the speed of rollout, communications with telecoms companies, and improve planning approval rates.

The full report is available to read here.