Liverpool 5G Create continues winning streak at Cambridge Wireless Technology & Innovation Awards

Liverpool 5G Create has won a coveted award at Cambridge Wireless’ Technology and Innovation Awards.

The team took home the ‘Connecting People Award’ for their ongoing work to secure reliable and affordable connectivity to a community in Kensington, Liverpool, via a ground-breaking 5G health and social care network.  


Rosemary Kay, Liverpool 5G Create Project Director, says winning this award means a lot to the team: “We’re delighted with this award as it recognises the work we’re doing to connect digitally deprived communities with affordable connectivity. A community’s ability to access cutting edge health and social care technologies shouldn’t be dependant on whether they can afford a fast and reliable enough connection. Liverpool 5G has developed an exciting new model for delivering affordable connectivity to whole neighbourhoods, without this prohibitive cost.”

Liverpool 5G built the 5G network (which also incorporates LoRaWan and radio roaming) to support life-changing health, social care and education technologies in the community. Technologies being supported by the 5G network include: fall-prevention sensors; an AI wound management app;  5G support for GP surgeries providing remote GP appointments and an anti-anxiety game for children. 

Volunteers in Kensington can use the health technologies they need for free because Liverpool 5G is able to give the community free 5G connectivity as the 5G technology used operates in a licence free spectrum.

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