First 5G Small Cells Installed in Kensington & Fairfield

The first batch of 5G small cells have now been installed in the Liverpool 5G project area in Kensington & Fairfield.

Having combatted challenges with Covid-19, global component shortages and manufacturing & distribution delays, the 5G small cells have now been delivered to the project, and installation has started. Project partners Telet arranged the procurement of the small cells, and Broadway led the installation

The 5G small cells act as a mast to deliver 5G. Deploying numerous small cells gives more versatility in deploying bandwidth, and enables connectivity to areas where infrastructure typically leads to poorer signal, providing better quality signal across an urban area. This installation is an exciting step in providing connectivity to Kensington & Fairfield, and the small cells will work in conjunction with mmWave nodes to deliver fast, safe and reliable connectivity to the project area.