Rowan Garth

Connecting social care with innovative services

As we move on with the project, we continue to expand our reach into social care providers, offering new devices and connectivity to enhance their services.

Our first new connection under the Liverpool 5G Create: Connecting Health and Social Care project will be with Rowan Garth Care Village, part of the national Bloom Care organization.

At Rowan Garth they deliver care to up to 150 residents, who live in five purpose-built individual buildings, each property offering different forms of care including dementia care, palliative care, respite and convalescence care. The home aims to deliver a warm, friendly living environment for each of their residents, and supports and assists them to live as independently as possible.

An agreement has been signed with Rowan Garth to put in a connection to the 5G network – they will be getting free connectivity, and trialing a range of new devices. Broadway Partners  have already visited the care village and a successful survey has been completed, so the connection will soon be up and running.

The first device they expect to be using is the Vitalerter, a sensor for under a care home bed that monitors the vital signs of the resident. Using AI, it notifies staff when the resident is about to get out of bed, reducing the number of falls.

For the future, we are planning with them to introduce the Haptic Hug device, and the Docobo Care Portal, in partnership with Mersey Care and district nurses. 

Mysense AI are working with us to introduce individual sensors for people receiving home care, so they can be monitored remotely by their care provider, helping them to remain independent, mobile and in their own home for longer. 

We also continue to provide 5G connectivity to Breckside Park Residential Home, who trialled a range of devices as part of the Health and Social Care Testbed project, and were able to use the network provide free internet access to residents throughout Covid-19 lockdown.

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