CGA Simulation attend International Consumer Technology Association conference, CES 2020, Las Vegas.

CGA Simulation has been showcasing the 5G planning tool they created for the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project, after winning a coveted place at international tech conference CES, Las Vegas, (7-10 Jan, 2020.)

The conference attracts 175,000 + global attendees and CGA faced strong competition to win their place on the Government funded Innovate UK stand.

CES is a key fixture in the emerging technology calendar and a good place to explore potential international markets for our products and to scope out the latest technologies designed to interact with the 5G landscape.

CGA is also exhibiting ALEAD, a technology it created with partners DiGicredis. ALEAD is a technology that teaches autonomous vehicle technology to drive in a safe simulated online environment – testing the technology against a variety of potential hazards like extreme weather, junctions/ other vehicles and pedestrians. 

Jon Wetherall, Managing Director of CGA Simulation, said: “Autonomous driving technologies will benefit from advancements in 5G technology and this is an opportunity for us to showcase ALEAD on the international stage. We have used bespoke games development techniques to create autonomous driving simulations that are exciting, dynamic and realistic but which also employ a vast range of hazards that can test autonomous vehicle technology to a stringent level. We hope to bring ALEAD to the attention of interested potential partners or buyers, whilst at the conference.”