MySense Devices Installed in Kensington on L5G Network

The first MySense devices have been installed in patient’s homes in Kensington, Liverpool, utilising the Liverpool 5G network.

MySense addresses the service gap between the rising demand of an ageing population and declining clinical resources. Home visits place a huge demand on healthcare providers and are costly in practitioner time, as well as often being inconvenient to residents. MySense enables remote monitoring and works predictively, so adult social care workers are able to better plan their resources and spend their time with those most in need.

The MySense platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor normal, every-day behaviours related to nutrition, hydration, independence, activity and an overall sense of wellbeing.  Sensors are discretely placed in key points around the home, for example on a kitchen tap, bathroom door, and smartwatch which monitors heart rate and step count, and these devices detect when there are unusual patterns or causes for concern. A notification is then sent to a nominated responder, for example a family member, or healthcare provider. MySense data monitoring is passive and recorded through the IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, with no cameras or microphones and therefore no recording of video or sound, ensuring users’ privacy is maintained whilst key activities are monitored.

MySense identifies changes in behaviour and habit, allowing for early interventions, and supports home living – enabling independence for users and reducing costs for healthcare services. Liverpool 5G is supporting the roll out of the devices as part of the Liverpool 5G: Connecting Health and Social Care project, demonstrating the potential uses and benefits of the L5G network for the purposes of health and social care.

Working in conjunction with Mersey Care, who identified patients who would benefit from the devices, Liverpool 5G and MySense have completed the first installations, with more to be rolled out across the coming weeks.