Liverpool 5G & The Scotland 5G Centre

Liverpool 5G are collaborating with S5GConnect Dumfries, part of The Scotland 5G Centre, and assisting the team in using L5G’s Adoption Readiness Level (ARL) Tool, which was developed by eHealth Cluster. L5G, who were approached by S5GConnect Dumfries following the UK5G working group “Can 5G Help Defuse the UK’s Health and Social Care Time Bomb?”, developed the tool to help organisations understand potential barriers when using new technologies in real-world settings. S5GConnect Dumfries are opening a range of facilities to test and develop 5G applications and services, with a focus on the use of 5G in remote healthcare delivery and to support assisted living, and will be using the tool to select which products will be trialled in their 5G centre.

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