The Liverpool 5G mmWave mesh network

The Liverpool 5G Consortium created, manages and runs the largest 5G mmwave mesh network in Europe.

BluWireless’ mmWave technology is combined with WiFi and LoRaWAN, connected to Local Authority backhaul, to form the mesh network. To tackle the challenging and conventionally expensive ‘last-mile’ access problem we use 220 mmWave nodes.

We provide gigabit wireless links to two community buildings: a local care home and a community learning centre and there is independent data-centre hosting applications and internet carrier peering.

The network has 120 outdoor sites, 4 building installations, 6 fibre connections and 6 LoRa gateways.

We have also developed and established network planning methodologies based on the learning from deploying the testbed.

As well as consortium partners, several technical sub-contractors support the delivery of the network: