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Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care is one of six national consortia to win funding for the government’s first phase 5G Testbeds and Trials programme. All six consortia were set up to prove 5G technology could have a positive impact on sectors like health and social care, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and the rural economy.

Liverpool’s consortium has looked at how 5G technology can improve the delivery of health and social care services – helping people live healthy, independent lives at home for longer. We believe that free or affordable 5G technology can help democratise health and social care innovation. 

Journalists writing/researching stories about 5G technology, health and social care innovation, Internet of Things (IoT) or emerging technologies (like VR or machine learning) in the health/ social care sector, please get in touch by emailing:

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Below are some of our media spokespeople:

Rosemary Kay, Liverpool 5G Project Director

Rosemary began her career as a programmer. She worked at Marconi Secure Systems as Operations Manager, overseeing the design, development and manufacture of high grade communications devices. She’s supported local small business and public sector organisations for over a decade and leads the eHealth Cluster for Liverpool City Region. The Cluster facilitates collaboration and partnership between technology SMEs and health and social care organisations. Rosemary has also lectured as an Open University Associate and on the MBA Entrepreneurship Programme. She has a 1 st, BSc, Pure Maths.

The topics Rosemary can talk about include:

  • The Liverpool 5G consortium and health and social care project
  • The importance of 5G is as a mechanism for change in health and social care and the complexities of developing a 5G eco-system with 5G mmWave city network
  • The importance of affordable connectivity to digitally deprived neighbourhoods
  • Successful adoption & integration of emerging technologies into existing services
  • The ‘network of networks’ – how Liverpool 5G’s network is the perfect hybrid solution for community-based IoT devices and applications


Ann Williams, Liverpool City Council, Commissioning and Contracts Manager, Adult Social services

Ann Williams is tasked with finding innovative ways of delivering excellent social care as budgets are halved and people’s needs increase. Ann used her expertise in this area whilst  playing a lead role in securing the 5G testbed trial for health and social care at Liverpool. Her previous experience in this area includes managing the EU’s STOP&GO programme in Liverpool, focusing on digitalising domiciliary care services and introducing IoT sensors to homes. She worked in local and regional Citizen Advice Bureau management for 19 years.

Ann is driven by a strong sense of social justice. Working with the most marginalised in society has heightened her awareness of societal inequalities and the current financial challenges to household and public budgets. She is a member of Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Advisory Committee on Microbiological Safety of Food and of the Campylobacter Group. She is Vice Chair of Liverpool’s Central Local Research Ethics Committee and a core member of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Public Health Advisory Group.

The topics Ann can talk about include:

  • The Liverpool 5G consortium and health and social care project
  • The importance of 5G is as a mechanism for change in health and social care and the complexities of developing a 5G eco-system with 5G mmWave city network
  • Liverpool (local government’s) commitment to investing in and commissioning new and innovative, world leading health and social care technologies
  • The benefits (financial, capacity, improved care) to social care providers, and subsequently patients, of using digitalised solutions and IoT health innovations
  • Liverpool 5G’s technology security: encryption, data protection, safeguarding; using British made and produced technology


Joe Spencer, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director for the Centre of Intelligent Monitoring Systems, Liverpool 5G Programme Lead

Joe Spencer has B.Eng(Hons) and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Liverpool. He’s worked in industry (high voltage and high current engineering) and became an academic at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, University of Liverpool, in 1989. He’s the university’s Academic Lead at Sensor City, Liverpool 5G’s lead organisation.

A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution for Engineering and Technology, his academic research and papers in electrical power equipment and intelligent monitoring systems have positively impacted the industrial sector. He’s a member of an international study group on arc discharges, the National Leadership Committee in the UK for Sensors and Instrumentation, the International Scientific Committee for the State Key Laboratory in Xian Jiaotong University China. He’s Honorary Treasurer for International Conferences on Gas Discharges and their Application.

The topics Professor Joe Spencer can talk about include:

  • The Liverpool 5G consortium and health and social care project
  • The technology Liverpool 5G uses is safe; Professor Joe Spencer can talk about the science behind the hype and explain why 5G technology is safe to use.
  • Sensor technology & its growing preventative role in health, social care and beyond
  • National/ international sensor, 5G and emerging tech landscapes: market/sector models and innovation hubs that bring academic research/innovation to the ‘real world’


Jen Fenner, Managing Director, Defproc

Jen has a BA Hons degree in apparel and textiles and has worked as a practitioner and course leader at Liverpool’s Bluecoat Design Studio and Liverpool John Moores University. Jen has also managed and contributed to the ‘MakeFest’ event, a festival at Liverpool Central Library, that celebrates science, engineering, art and technology. In 2013, Jen set up Defproc Engineering with husband Patrick. DefProc specialises in product development, small scale manufacturing and technical advice; from proof of concept and prototyping to producing a scale-able product. The company works with emerging technologies like LoRaWAN ( (Long Range Wide Area Network) and NBIoT; developing devices that allow these technologies to become more widely available and adaptable to people’s needs. Defproc created the ‘Push to Talk’ device as part of the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Project.

The topics Jen can talk about include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the technologies that support and stimulate them
  • 5G and emerging technologies as a backdrop to SME innovation
  • Agility, creativity & local knowledge: SMEs as key drivers in growing 5G eco-systems
  • ‘Push to Talk’, Liverpool 5G’s anti-loneliness IoT device


Jen Laing, Software Engineer, Nellyvision Ltd, Designer of CGA Simulation’s 5G Network Planning Tool 

Jen has a 1st class maths degree and a Masters in maths (distinction), from the University of Sussex. Jen went on to work as a maths teach and games development lecturer before becoming a games programmer and software engineer. Jen developed the Liverpool 5G network planning tool, which assesses the line-of-site needed between 5G nodes for an effective 5G mesh network. The tool uses a dynamic 3D simulation of Kensington, Liverpool, and draws on Jen’s masters work looking at mathematical programming and techniques like Monte Carlo, Markov chains, Gillespie algorithms and numerical analysis and statistics. Jen works with C#, Python, Javascript, Matlab, C++, SAS, R and LaTeX.

The topics Jen can talk about include:

  • Her work developing the Liverpool 5G network planning tool, its functionality, scalability and key features
  • How gaming techniques, software and usability/gamification can influence and improve ‘real world’ solutions
  • The role of simulation, algorithms and emerging technologies in planning and executing 5G/ hybrid technology and connected environments 


Andrew Miles, Technical Marketing Manager at Blu Wireless Technology Ltd

Andrew has a BSC in Applied Physics from Durham University. Having gained experience in engineering and product management at a series of next generation technology companies, Andrew became the technical marketing manager at Blu Wireless Technology. Blu Wireless developed the mmWave 60GHz technology used in the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project. Building on already installed fibre, the unlicensed 60Ghz band connects homes to a street-level mesh network, mounted on street lights and buildings.

The topics Andrew can talk about include:

  • Blu Wireless’ mmWave 60Ghz technology. What are the benefits to using this kind of technology in a dense urban environment, where a hybrid ‘network of networks’ is required (like in digitally deprived communities.)
  • National and international 5G models, economics and trends
  • Technology SMEs and the disruptive capabilities of agile innovators