The Health and Social Care issues we’re addressing

39% of us will be over 65 by 2036, which means more people are living with age-related illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. The NHS and social care services are looking after more sick people with less money.

Liverpool City Council Adult Social Care spending has been cut by £92m since 2010 while demand has risen 15%.

There is a staffing crisis in social care and across the NHS. 2019 NHS figures show a record 43,671 empty nursing positions across the NHS in England. Mental health and community providers in England have reported a shortage of almost 100,000 staff. Adult social care has an estimated 122,000 vacancies.

Medication wastage costs the NHS £500 million each year, whilst the estimated cost of people not taking medicines properly, and feeling the full benefit of them, is £500m per year. Liverpool CCG estimates that over-ordering, stockpiling and unused medicines, costs the local NHS around £2.5 million per year.

Analogue telehealth services are being switched off in 2022, which means we need to find affordable, future-fit technologies to replace them if we want to safeguard our health and social care services.

By using the latest innovative technology we aim to:

By doing this we can help care professionals continue to care for everyone to a high standard, reducing the use of health and social care services, creating extra capacity for stretched services, and increasing effectiveness and efficiencies.