Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care is looking at how innovative, emerging technologies can impact positively on health and social care services.

New health and social care technologies have a real and measurable impact on the lives of people with long-term conditions like diabetes and epilepsy allowing them to live independently at home for longer.

However new technologies will only benefit those who  most need them if people living in digitally deprived communities are offered free or affordable Wifi.

Democratising technological health advancements, by making them affordable to all, regardless of income or postcode, could bring great personal and national gains for everyone. Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project has created new technologies that support people in the community – alerting carers to unusual unusual behaviour and falls, helping people take medicines safely at home (via a video pharmacy link) and developing apps and devices that reduce loneliness and social isolation by connecting people to chat or play quizzes and games.

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